Nutrition for Baby Boomers - what do we need, or not?

Colorful salad with fruits, vegetables and legumes is acceptable nutrition for Baby Boomers

It's a tough question. What's really the proper nutrition for Baby Boomers?

What do we need? What should we avoid?

Most agree, at least, that nutrition is important for a life of gusto. If we intend to thrive, we need good nutrition. We need to feed our bodies the fuel it requires.

But what fuel is the right fuel? That's the question.

The conflicting reports out there are enough to make us all crazy – or at least, overwhelmed with too much information.

Is it OK to drink coffee or do we need to stay away from it? How about meat, especially red meat?

Is it really as bad for us as some say? Or as good for us as others may say?

Just when we think we have the definitive "once and for all" answer, it changes. Again.

What goes into our bodies matters

It seems like everybody (experts and novices) and their brothers are weighing in on what good nutrition means these days. It would be helpful if they all agreed – but alas, they don’t. 

In fact one article will tell you to eat this and not that while the next article tells you to eat that and not this.

There’s even controversy on whether we should be eating wheat, the "staff of life." Boomers hydration is another matter that has little agreement among the "experts."

We could always just ignore the advice – but then we might miss out on some amazing breakthrough in being healthy, like the benefits of wine consumption. We certainly don’t want to be left out. 

After all, we’re Baby Boomers. We’re curious, eager to learn and keenly interested in broadening ourselves. We could instead be smart about the onslaught of information coming at us.

Exploring the nutrition for Baby Boomers possibilities

There's been a lot of conversation lately about the need for more high-fiber foods in our diets. Many aficionados tout the benefits of the Mediterranean diet as supplying all our needs.

Then the big debate on low-carb or low-fat continues to dominate the nutrition world. We have people swearing by both.

We do have food pyramids released each year that are intended to guide us in our food intake. But many disagree with these. You never know...

We just need to keep an open mind and pay attention to what makes the most sense to our educated selves. We also need to pay even closer attention to what makes us feel best.

If eating something controversial gives us amazing energy, by all means we should keep it in our diet.

If, on the other hand, eating red meat or loads of pasta makes us sluggish – cut it out of the diet. That’s seems simple enough.

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