Loving life comes naturally when we follow our passion

Boomers guilty of loving life are generally healthier and happier than most. And we’ve found the easiest access to loving life is by following our passion? Of course, it helps to know what our passion is - and we don’t always know that.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of pondering to figure out. 

Look at what brings you great pleasure. When do you feel most useful? What has you like yourself rather than feeling like a dismal failure?

Boomer following her passion is loving life

You’ll know you’ve found it when something shows up that quickens your heart the minute you think about it.

Granted, there are people in the world who know right off the bat. They are perfectly clear - and have been for years - what brings them joy, lights them up and excites them. 

Others need to work harder to come up with it. But we all have something.

Whether it’s a career that you love or a social cause where you’re committed to making a difference or a hobby that keeps you fully engaged, don’t stop searching. 

And once you discover this for yourself and find a way to pursue it - whether it’s an activity that you’re paid generously for or a completely voluntary action for no pay - keep doing it. 

Age is no reason to stop doing something you love. In fact, it’s been shown that continuing to do what you love helps abate the aging process and helps with healthy aging.

Experts at loving life

We all have a choice. If we can’t find something we love doing, we can figure out how to love what we’re already doing. That makes life so much easier.

Boomers following their passion for music are loving life

But nothing is worse than dreading getting out of bed in the mornings for a monotonous job you hate - even if you’re getting paid well for that job. In those cases, we find that we’re not giving it our all. We’re usually just putting in the minimum required to keep from getting fired so we can get that paycheck.

We’re nowhere near experiencing gusto in our lives with that hanging over our heads every day.

Many of the most successful U.S. businessmen have expressed some version of this sentiment.

Warren Buffett has been known to stress the importance of discovering what gives your life meaning and making it the centerpiece of your attention.

The late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said that he always believed that people with passion would change the world. His passion is what drove him to success with Apple.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg encourages people to pursue that which they are passionate about and to have faith in what they are doing.

More energy when passionate 

When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll find you have more energy and are less drained at the end of the day - even when you’re doing physical tasks for hours at a time. You’ll likely experience more self-confidence as well, knowing you’re doing what you love and you’re doing it well.

You’ll definitely have a sensation of fulfillment, peace of mind and enjoyment of life. You’re able to be more productive, accomplished and stick with what you’re doing rather than giving up at the first hint of obstacles. 

You’ll be more interested in pushing the envelope, meeting the next challenge and stretching beyond your normal boundaries when you’re driven by your passion. It’s just a lot easier than a taskmaster standing over you churning out instructions for how to do whatever it is you’re doing - and hating.

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