How are you celebrating Healthy Aging Month?

Baby Boomers send off summer by celebrating healthy aging month

September is Healthy Aging month, created by Carolyn Washington in 1992 as the leading-edge Baby Boomers were creeping up on the age of 50.

Washington, the publisher of Healthy Aging Magazine, initially wanted to draw attention to the positive possibilities of growing older.

Now, more than 25 years later, the designation is still used to encourage Baby Boomers and other elders to keep focusing on their health, their passions, their lifestyles and their general well-being.

Suggestions for Healthy Aging Month

Worthington suggests we all keep looking for ways to reinvent ourselves as we get older. Find new passions or hobbies. Take stock of where we’ve been and where we still want to go and get busy doing that.

Some tips for celebrating the month are listed on the Healthy Aging website:

In addition to those tips, we could take the opportunity to upgrade our health in other ways as well.

During September, why don't we examine our lives to see what may be missing that we’d like to address.

Let's take an honest look at how committed we really are to healthy aging:

  • Do we spend enough time with people we love and respect? People who support us and accept us for who we are?
  • Do we routinely pursue adventures to broaden our horizons? Or are we just sitting by twiddling our thumbs?
  • Do we laugh out loud often? 
  • Do we fully express ourselves?
  • Do we dance and sing whenever we feel the urge without worrying we may be seen or heard and harshly judged?
  • Are our closets packed with unfinished projects? Boxes of old photos that need to be organized? Half-done knitting or needlepoint items?
  • Do we have books still lurking in our heads that haven’t been written yet?
  • Are we still carrying grudges against others we think did us wrong? Could we reach out and forgive them?
  • Have we lost track of old friends who were once vibrantly important to us? Have we done everything possible to reconnect with them?

Never too late

Let’s use this year’s Healthy Aging Month to address these areas that leave us feeling not quite whole and complete. Let’s actually take care of our health – inside and out, mentally and physically.

We have 30 days in September. Amazing things can happen in those four short weeks. Make it a point to address at least one health issue every day and see what happens.

You'll probably be happily surprised!

It’s never too late to take charge of your life. Don’t leave anything to chance.

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