Boomers laughter keeps us young, fit and more pleasant

We don’t need studies to prove that Boomers laughter is good for us. All we really need is a good, hearty laughing episode.

Boomers having a good laugh

Just think about it. How does it feel as you’re gasping for breath, trying to get yourself back under control after laughing your buns off at something that struck your funny bone? Pretty durn good, right?

You feel like you’ve been working out for hours, your heart rate is up, your facial muscles are tingling, and you’re suddenly full of energy. You’re also in a good mood and more relaxed.  Any stress you were experiencing has disappeared.

Headaches or other aches are likely gone after a good belly laugh. You probably feel more creative and clearer – no problem is too big to solve in this state. It’s almost like a light bulb has been turned on. 

More good news about Boomers laughter

Studies have shown that laughter is not only good for the spirit, it’s actually good for your health. It facilitates our desire for healthy aging.

A good laugh stimulates most of your vital organs – heart, lungs, muscles. It burns calories – but not enough to go out and binge on chocolate. So don't take that as a green light for over-indulgence.

Boomers laughter helps lower our blood sugar while increasing our blood flow. It helps boost our immune system and decrease pain. It signals our brains to release more of those happy endorphins.

Mostly, an unleashed, unrestrained laughing session helps us take ourselves a little less seriously and get out of our heads. It not only lets us have more fun, it actually makes us more pleasant to be around.

Where do you go for a good laugh?

Boomer friends having a hearty laugh

What if nothing is striking you as very funny but you KNOW a good laugh is what the doctor would order? Where can you find it?

First, surround yourself with people who have a great sense of humor and are willing to laugh at their mistakes rather than get bent out of shape about them. Find friends who enjoy themselves - it’s got to rub off.

Hang out with a toddler and get down on his or her level. Toddlers get such delight out of just tossing a ball backwards or running around in circles. Laugh with them and watch how it works - they laugh harder, then you laugh harder and on and on until everyone is exhausted.

Watch a funny movie, one of those that have you howling out loud - even when you’re by yourself. “When Harry Met Sally” is one of those, particularly in certain scenes. The original “Pink Panther” with Peter Sellers will do it, too. And there’re the goofy ones like “Anchorman,” “Dumb & Dumber” and “Meet the Fockers.”

Watch some old “Monk” or “M*A*S*H” or “Office Space” episodes. 

If none of these work, keep looking.

For those of us truly interested in a life of gusto, we really should find more opportunities to laugh out loud, for longer periods and more often.

Anytime you’re exposed to a booming Boomers laughter, watch out. It is wildly contagious. Try it and see!

When was the last time you had a rollicking laugh? What benefits did you see?

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