Boomers fitness comes with exercise and focus

Boomers fitness includes being able to form and hold the plank position

Older adults and Boomers fitness is the focus of the National Institute on Aging at the National Institute of Health’s campaign every September.

Concerned about the statistics showing that people tend to be less active with age, the NIA created the Go4Life initiative in 2011 to encourage and empower adults over 50 to move more.

Being regularly engaged in physical activities helps us manage any chronic conditions we may have. It also helps us continue being independent and doing things that are important to us.

Fitness is critical for healthy aging to occur.

Go4Life designated September as Go4Life Month and encourages all Boomers to discover for themselves the benefits of exercise and activity.

Although any age can certainly be involved, Go4Life targets Baby Boomers and our elderly parents. And don't limit your efforts to just September. Exercise all year to maximize health.

Possible activities with children

One of the suggestions for ways to increase activities this month is to partner with any children in our lives, particularly our grandchildren. We can participate in any number of things to motivate that Boomers fitness we all seek.

  • Take walks together
  • Garden together
  • Swim together
  • Play games that get us moving like hide and seek, follow the leader and tag
  • If you don’t have any children around, take your pet for a walk or play fetch with him.

Types of exercises for Boomers fitness

According to the Go4Life website, there are four major categories of physical activity that are needed to improve fitness. These include:

  • Endurance - activities that increase breathing and heart rate such as walking or jogging, vigorous yard work or dancing
  • Strength - builds muscles and makes them stronger, includes resistance training and weight-lifting
  • Balance - helps build lower-body strength, which helps prevent falls such as heel-to-toe walking, Tai Chi or standing on one foot for a period of time
  • Flexibility - stretches muscles and help body stay limber for more freedom of movement such as Yoga, arm and leg stretches 

Instead of focusing on only one type of exercise, it’s recommended doing some form of all four on a regular basis. Mixing our exercise routines helps us stay motivated and decreases our risk of injury. We clearly need all of the categories.

Remember, exercising on a regular basis not only improves our fitness, it also helps keeps us happy. Exercise has been proven to lift our spirits, ease depression, alleviate symptoms of stress and help put us in better moods. 

Be sure to use fitness trackers or other monitoring devices to keep you on track.

After all, we are looking for a life of gusto. Without Boomers fitness, we might have trouble finding that!

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