When Boomers express, miracles happen

We Boomers express ourselves in many ways. We laugh out loud, cry, shout from the heart, dance the night away, sing lustfully, draw, paint, write and say what we think. The key is to just express fully without holding back.

Boomer friends sharing observations

Expressing yourself is a highly effective way to relieve stress and anxiety in the daily grind. And it’s good for our physical, emotional and mental health.

Getting thoughts and feelings out in the open helps release tension in the body and clear the mind. The more Boomers express, the better we get to know ourselves and be known by others.

We’re better able to connect with people when we’re expressing.

Not expressing wreaks havoc

On the other hand, suppressing rather than expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions causes serious problems and keeps us from enjoying a life of gusto. 

  • When we keep stuffing one after another until we’re so full of unexpressed sentiments, there’s no room for joy.
  • Suppressing ourselves causes undue stress, which can strain our organs and create pain in parts of our body. 
  • Constant stress impacts our immune and lymphatic systems paving the way for the onset of diseases and many kinds of disorders.
  • It can also cause us to gain weight and develop digestive problems. 
  • People who constantly suppress themselves often end up with high blood pressure and an increase in heart problems. 
  • They are more likely to find their joints stiffen as a result of lowered immunity and experience more memory lapses.
  • Our suppressed thoughts and emotions often become nightmares that interrupt our sleep and increase our stress. 
  • And suppression eventually leads to depression. Where else are those stuffed feelings going to go? 
  • People who suppress rather than express themselves find that they’re more isolated socially. 
  • The more you suppress a thought or feeling, the stronger it gets. Any emotion that is suppressed long enough can become explosive with time and come out in harmful ways.

Ways Boomers express

There are thousands of ways to express ourselves, but let’s start with the easy, less confronting ones.

Boomers express through their creativity

1. Laugh out loud and heartily from the belly. Genuine laughter lowers blood pressure, stress and negative feelings.

It also stimulates most of your vital organs - heart, lungs, muscles - and burns calories. It helps boost our immune system and decrease pain. It signals our brains to release more happy endorphins. 

2. Then have a good cry any chance you get. Like laughing, crying stimulates the production of endorphins. It helps reduce stress in our lives and helps us resolve grief, whether it’s loss of a relationship, a pet or a loved one.

Crying also helps wash toxins out of our bodies, which is why we usually feel better after a good cry. Crying also helps deepen intimacy, bringing people together. 

3. If and when you find it’s not appropriate to publicly express something - and there are plenty of those times - at least get it out of your head by writing about it. Empty your thoughts and feelings onto paper rather than suppressing them.

When Boomers express how we’re really feeling, even when it’s ugly, dark and embarrassing, we immediately experience more freedom. Just get it out. 

4. And you can always try creatively expressing yourself - paint, draw or sketch. 

5. Write stories or poetry.

6. Dance as if you’re the best dancer who ever lived. Let your body move.

7. Sing to your heart’s content. Never mind if you can’t carry a tune.

8. Talk to your friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, service providers, and even your beloved furry pals. Practice saying what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling.

The more you are able to express yourself in any way, the more joy you’ll find and the more freedom you’ll have.

You’ll also find more gusto in your life and a more healthy aging process.

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