Most Baby Boomers inherited an independent spirit

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Approximately 78 million Baby Boomers were born in the United States between 1946 and 1964. The phenomenal rise in birth rates that started in 1946, the year after World War II ended, peaked in 1957 and stayed there until it started declining after 1964.

Hence the "boom" in population.

Depending on which demographer you follow, the numbers vary - some put it at 76 million. Others have a different range for the years included in this generation. Some say the Baby Boomers are those born from 1943 to 1960.

For the sake of simplicity and consistency, we're going with the 1946-1964 years and 78 million strong.

And that 19-year span has been sub-divided loosely into two categories.

  • Leading Edge Boomers - born 1946-1955
  • Shadow or Trailing Edge Boomers - born 1956-1964 

When the Leading Edge Boomers were coming of age, our defining moments were the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.; the Vietnam War; the height of the Civil Rights movement; the rekindling of the women's movement; man walking on the moon.

Defining moments for the Shadow Boomers were Watergate and subsequent resignation of Richard Nixon; the oil crisis and gasoline shortages

Boomers sharing chocolate

Of course, Boomers are not all the same. Baby Boomer differences are many.

But almost all of us are adventurous and independent spirits.

Baby Boomers have a job to do

For the most part, we believe our jobs are to live great lives, to bloom and flourish rather than wither on the vine.

We're always looking for ways to re-invent ourselves, becoming that person and discovering more about who we are.

Most of us are committed to healthy aging, physically and mentally, and willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen. We want to feel good, with plenty of energy and gusto, and we want to look great.

We don't deny or fight aging - we know it's part of life. But we fully embrace it with a youthful attitude. We do the best we can with what we’ve got.

We look at what's possible, what we could accomplish, what difference we could make, ways we could grow, improve ourselves and contribute to our communities.

We need to know that we still matter and are relevant. And, perhaps most importantly, we Boomers are committed to having a bundle of fun without breaking our budgets. 

Boomer friends enjoying themselves

While many of us may be retired or thinking about retiring or wishing we could retire, we're clear that's not the end of the road. It's just the beginning of the next exciting journey.

We've had our knocks and we've had our moments of glory. We have our concerns and issues - caring for our elderly parents, supporting and nurturing our children and grandchildren, dealing with health issues, finding the best healthcare, and being good stewards of our resources as well as our planet. 

We still have our dreams, some realized, some thwarted, some still pulling us forward. We know how to push past our limitations and beat the odds.

We are Baby Boomers and don’t give up – we go for the gold!

We are, nevertheless, persistent.

We love our music, our toys, our collectibles and we cherish our memories, collectively and individually. Sometimes, we get lost in Boomer nostalgia, but we are more interested in what’s next. 

Baby Boomer women control the purse strings

Boomer women control more than half the country’s discretionary income and three-fourths of the financial wealth, according to a recent report by Girlpower Marketing.

Boomer women make 85 percent of all purchasing decisions for their households, regardless of who earns the money.

Girlpower found that Baby Boomer women control a net worth of $19 trillion, start 70 percent of all new businesses and spend more that $55 billion each year on consumer electronics.

Now, that’s a lot of power resting in the hands of Baby Boomer women.

Enjoying the ride

We want to share what’s important to us - our experiences, discoveries, memories, dreams, plans, and words of wisdom - and learn from each other.

And we’re open to new ways of connecting with our friends, our families and others in this amazing Boomer generation.

We are the Baby Boomers, ready to explore and enjoy our unfolding lives. Join us on this magic carpet ride – who knows what we’ll discover?

One thing we can count on – we’ll enjoy and even thrive on the journey!

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