Baby Boomers lifestyles reflect spirit of the generation

Baby Boomers lifestyles and attitudes were shaped by growing up in a time of plenty. In the decades immediately following World War II, the U.S. economy was booming. 

We took prosperity and abundance for granted. Anything and everything was possible.

When the country reached what President Jimmy Carter called a “crisis of spirit” in 1979 after years of oil shortages and a shrinking economy, Boomers had to face changing times.

But true to the generation, Baby Boomers opted to get more aggressive about what we wanted rather than adapt and learn to live with limits.

We kept raising the bar, reinventing the rules and ourselves so that we can have the kind of life we want.

Boomers always trying new things

And we’re always willing to try new things or even invent new things. We’re open to ways to better ourselves, achieve balance in our lives, maintain our youthfulness and vitality and never settle for the status quo if it’s not working for us.

Boomers spirituality is not exempt from that.

Family has always been important to us, but much more so now than when we were younger. Baby Boomer grandparents make up a third of us now, and spending more time with our grandchildren is a huge priority.

And we know the value of Boomer friends who keep us thriving.

Many of us have temporarily given up our careers to take care of elderly parents or trying to manage work along with caregiving.

Entertainment part of Baby Boomers lifestyles

We still enjoy our music. Reportedly, Boomers accounted for more than 25 percent of music sales in 2006. Nearly half of us have an iPod or MP3 player.

We're also interested in Baby Boomer media, from books to television shows and movies. Give us characters that we can relate to.

Baby Boomers lifestyles include plenty of room for adventure in our lives, much more than the previous generation. We're more likely to explore the open road, particularly us Boomer bikers who love our motorcycles.

And we participate in more sports and athletic activities, particularly when water is involved.  One study found that more than 60 percent of Baby Boomers are exploring extreme sports. 

Boomers love their pets

Baby Boomers lifestyles today include a renewed interest in home improvement and other do-it-yourself projects, especially since our adult children have left home and we’re dealing with an empty nest.

We particularly appreciate the benefits of that age-old ritual of spring cleaning.

And we appreciate the value of being a good steward of all of our resources. We care about the Earth.

Of course, Boomer pets are important to us. Many of us have filled our empty nests with pets that we pamper and dote on. In return, we have devoted companions who demand little from us other than care and attention.

We do whatever is necessary to stay healthy and fit and forever looking for new challenges in the area.

While the majority of Boomers are still married, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in the divorce rate for Baby Boomers over the last two decades. Recent studies have shown people over 50 getting divorced jumped from less than 10 percent in 1990 to 25 percent in 2010.

This trend is being called “gray divorce.”

As a result of more single Boomers, whether through divorce or death of a spouse, dozens of online dating sites for people over 50 have sprung up and seem to be really popular.

Then, there's the question of retirement. Do we or don't we? When? What are the criteria for Baby Boomers retirement?

Whether retired or still working, Boomers still want to matter and to contribute to the well-being of their communities.

We can be found in all kinds of places contributing our time, services and resources to what we deem worthy causes.

Boomers need to know we matter

Boomer volunteers are in demand and highly regarded these days. We know the value of being of service to others.

Boomers volunteer in communities

At least half of us Boomers are comfortable on our computers and navigating the Internet. We particularly love the social media sites and use them often. Being connected to our friends and families are important to us.

According to data tracker Nielsen, Boomers purchase more than 40 percent of Apple products.

Always looking for ways to broaden horizons, personal growth is vital to Baby Boomers. While the vast majority of us are formally educated, we want more.

We love our hobbies whether it be gardening, fishing, playing musical instruments, traveling – the more active and exciting, the better. Most of us are avid readers and vitally interested in staying informed as well as entertained.

And speaking of raising the bar, the latest trend for Boomers has been hosting what has been called death dinners. This is an opportunity for Boomers to discuss once taboo subjects like death and end-of-life decisions.

This is simply another stab at staying ahead of the curve and in control of how our lives turn out.

Baby Boomers lifestyles cover the gamut and for the most part will find very few of us sitting in our rockers waiting for the end. We continue to live fully and with gusto.

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