Spring cleaning is good for our homes and our souls

Spring cleaning – our parents did it and our grandparents did it before that. It’s one of those traditions that many of us never question. We just do it. 

Is it because us Boomers are creatures of habit? Maybe a little. But it's also because we love gusto in our lives and we know it takes some effort along to way to get that. It's a natural part of the Baby Boomers lifestyles.

We’ve pretty much put the winter doldrums behind us. We are enjoying the longer days and warmer weather.  Nature is bursting out. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and grass is growing again, transforming from the dead brown to bright green.

Some of the supplies needed for a thorough spring cleaning

Once that initial blanket of pollen is past us, we’re ready for something fresh. And a thorough cleansing of our surroundings is where we find it.

With little hesitation, we turn our homes inside out, upside down – whatever it takes – to get to all the nooks and crannies we’ve been ignoring for so long.

Spring cleaning is bigger, deeper and broader than just cleaning house like we normally do.

We pull out the furniture to get all the dust bunnies and spider webs that have built up over the year. We pull the curtains down for a good laundering. The mattress covers go into the laundry as well.

We air our pillows, vacuum the dust mites off the mattresses and shake out our throw rugs. Sometimes, we even get down on our hands and knees with an old toothbrush to scrub the built-up crud on grout between the bathroom tiles.

We vacuum the corners (lower and upper), ceilings, blinds and inside closets. We scour our appliances inside and out (and under). We wash our windows and light covers.

Spring cleaning includes de-cluttering

Hopefully, before we start with the deep cleaning, we spent some time sorting through all the stuff we’ve accumulated. We get rid of the items we no longer want or can’t wear anymore.

If it’s still in good condition, we donate it to a good cause. If it’s worn out, we toss or recycle it.

We get rid of the papers and files that have piled up all around our homes, covering our desktops. In some cases, the dining room table serves as the drop-off point for all things that come through the door without a proper place to put it.

So once we toss, recycle or file those piles and can actually see our floors and other surfaces again, we’re ready to start with the fun part. 

The benefits of spring cleaning

When we finish, we get to enjoy what we’ve accomplished. Getting rid of the excess clutter gives us a sense of freedom that we often didn’t even recognize was missing. But it’s like a burden has been lifted. 

We have more space to think, to create and even to start accumulating again. We feel lighter and brighter.

We also should be feeling healthier once the dust, lurking mold and bacteria are gone. We let in the sunshine and fresh air and find we have a spring to our step that wasn’t there before.

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Don't wait until it gets too hot ...

Actually, you don't even have to wait until spring - or limit your "spring cleaning" to once a year. Any time of the year is a good opportunity to deep clean, declutter and freshen up your environment.

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