Healthy aging – why not?

Baby Boomers are always interested in healthy aging, especially with us leading edge Boomers into our 70s already. But we aren’t stupid. We know aging is a critical part of living. We’re not fighting the inevitable. We just want to do it right. We want to be sure we’re taking good care of ourselves in the very best way. Maintaining independence is important.


We’re also interested in aging gracefully.  We are well aware that Boomers fitness is a key component to that. We want to feel at home in our bodies, continue to get around like we’re used to doing, continue doing what we love and keep our wits about us in the process.

We realize a healthy mind is a huge indicator of how well we age. And we're clear that Boomers laughter is important to our spirits and bodies.

We've discovered that when Boomers express rather than suppress feelings, thoughts and emotions, we have more gusto and energy. This is particularly critical when we are dealing with defeat or disappointment in our lives.

We maintain and nurture our friendships and have active social lives. We've come to appreciate the benefits of cuddling.

While we've known for years how meditation helps keep us calm and peaceful, we're now finding out many more benefits of meditation for Boomers including helping to slow down the aging process. We've also found that the power of forgiveness is critical to our peace of mind and vitality.

Attitude and action makes a difference

We explore life with open minds. We try some new ideas for healthy aging that make sense to us. We pay attention to our bodies and how they react to our efforts. We know for sure that active Boomers are generally healthier than non-active Boomers.

We know that following our passion leads us to loving life, which helps us be healthier and happier. We know that Boomers social life is critical to our health.

And we share with each other what works and what doesn’t work. I’d much rather hear from a fellow Boomer what his or her experience is rather than just from someone trying to sell me some new product or idea.

We also make sure we have the protection of appropriate health insurance in the oft chance we should ever need it. If we're old enough for Medicare (65), we make intelligent choices about whether to go with straight Medicare and a supplement plan or a Medicare advantage plan. If we're still under 65, we check out what's available and best fits our needs.

Fit minds help with healthy aging

jigsaw puzzle

We keep our minds fit by exploring the best brain exercises, particularly those that are fun and enjoyable like puzzles, word games, and other mind challenges.

We engage in stimulating conversations and other learning activities.

We find exciting books to read – sometimes they are page-turning thrillers. Sometimes they are heart-rending tales of people and their woes or self-help books on how to improve an aspect of our lives. 

And, again, we share what we find. We join or start our own book clubs. We just keep stretching and growing. We also check out what the best nutritional supplements and diets are to help with memory loss and warding off dementia.

Particular to women Boomers

Most Baby Boomer women are now on the other side of menopause or at least in the perimenopause phase. We’ve got lots of tales to tell about how we’ve dealt with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and other menopause symptoms.

Maybe our own experiences would prove helpful for someone else. Let's find out.

We also have to deal with the invasive detection methods for the common forms of illnesses that affect women like breast and uterine cancer, osteoporosis. The mammogram (one day, they’re actually going to figure out a better way to do this), the PAP smear, bone scans, and such.

Healthy aging includes overall well-being

All of us Boomers know we need to be proactive about keeping our gums and teeth healthy, our hearing and eyesight up to par and doing all we can to prevent diseases. And we want to do it in the least invasive way so we explore the alternatives. What else is available is an ongoing question we ponder.

We are forever looking for ways to manage our weight responsibly and to keep our bodies fit and finely tuned. We take advantage of programs like Silver Sneakers or some of the yoga for Baby Boomers classes. And fortunately, we have tons of activities to choose from these days – Zumba, Pilates, water aerobics, Tai Chi, jazzercise, hiking and biking trails, dancing, gardening or just plain walking to name just a few.

We pay attention to general safety rules like staying cool during hot weather. And we use every possible excuse to spend more time outside in the fresh air and sunshine, even in colder weather.

We stay on top of projects we start and we nurture our relationships. Being complete is important for keeping our sanity.

Well-being is important for healthy aging.

Although September has been designated Healthy Aging Month, it's in our best interests to address this year-round. That's just a good time to re-assess what we're doing.

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