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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #012 - Transitions
October 02, 2019

Autumn - a season of transitions

Although fall/autumn officially began in September (on the 23rd to be exact), it didn't feel or look like it - for sure. It felt more like the armpits of summer!

Temperatures still soared for most of us, and leaves kept hanging onto their branches.

However, October generally brings a different experience. This is when transitions actually start happening - hopefully.

Temperatures cool down, especially after the sun sets. Nature displays its brilliance with the fantastic colors of leaves just before they drop - exiting their life supports.

We here at BabyBoomersBloom are making transitions, too. Yippee!!

We're launching a new feature - one we've been talking about and thinking about for years. We're going to the source - YOU!

We're finding out what YOU are doing to enjoy/explore/have a life of gusto!

Inquiring minds want to know....

Check out our first installment of "Meet a Blooming Boomer" here. Then let us know what you think.

And PLEASE give suggestions for who we should feature next!!

PS - Pardon our delay in getting this newsletter out on the first. Transitions are tough sometimes.

Ideas to explore

Reboot. When life is not working the way you think it should, reinvention is a great idea. This season of transitions is a good time to experiment. Reinvention

Speaking of transitions. Living wills are important for making sure things are handled like you want them to be. Is yours done? Living wills

Yoga anyone? Why do yoga? It increases stamina, decreases stress and builds strength and endurance. Why not do yoga? Yoga

News you can use

Pump it up. Weightlifting an easy and accessible way to age well. And you don’t have to go to the gym. Graceful aging

Give me a hug. Embracing aging is good for your health and your happiness. Can’t beat it. Love life

Get the scoop. What is the future of Medicare? What every Baby Boomer needs to know. What's up?

Oh give me a home. Where are the best places for Boomers to retire? It all depends… City life

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Musician Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) turns 68 on Oct. 2.

Actress Susan Sarandon turns 73 on Oct. 4.

Talent judge Simon Cowell turns 60 on Oct. 7.

Actress Sigourney (Susan) Weaver turns 70 on Oct. 8.

Actor Tony Shalhoub turns 66 on Oct. 9.

TV host Sharon Osbourne turns 67 on Oct. 9.

Actor Scott Bakula turns 65 on Oct. 9.

Actor John O’Hurley turns 65 on Oct. 9.

Singer/songwriter John Prine turns 73 on Oct. 10.

Actress Kelly Preston (Kelly Smith) turns 57 on Oct. 13.

Actress Suzanne Somers turns 73 on Oct. 16.

Actor Tim Robbins turns 61 on Oct. 16.

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme turns 59 on Oct. 18.

Actor John Lithgow turns 74 on Oct. 19.

Author Deepak Chopra turns 73 on Oct. 22.

Singer/songwriter Dwight Yoakam turns 63 on Oct. 23.

Performer ”Weird Al” Yankovic turns 60 on Oct. 23.

Actor Kevin Kline turns 72 on Oct. 24.

Politician Hillary Rodham Clinton turns 72 on Oct. 26.

Game show host Pat Sajak turns 73 on Oct. 26.

Actress Rita Wilson turns 63 on Oct. 26.

Business magnate Bill Gates turns 64 on Oct. 28.

TV personality Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner turns 70 on Oct. 28.

Journalist Andrea Mitchell turns 73 on Oct. 30.

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