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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #006 -- Tax Day
April 01, 2019

Tax day looms - two weeks away

Have you heard the moans and groans from those who have already filed their income taxes this year?

A lot of people received a much smaller refund than expected. Some even shockingly discovered they owed taxes. Yikes!!

Complaints about taxes started way before this latest “reform” that has turned out not to be so helpful. Nobody ever likes paying taxes; some feel it’s unfair that we have to do it.

What if we could turn that mindset around? What if we looked forward to paying our fair share of taxes without a single gripe?

We could easily do that if we just stop long enough to consider what life would be like if we didn’t pay taxes.

We wouldn’t have government at any level. Maybe that's not so bad, you might say. But there's more.

We wouldn’t have our beautiful parks or safe roads and bridges or firefighters or law enforcement or traffic signals or schools or libraries or public transportation or zoning regulations or programs to help the underprivileged or the armed services, etc.

At the very best, life would be chaotic.

Just a thought …. Maybe, taxes aren’t so bad after all!

Tips to ponder

Lend a hand. Boomer volunteers not only help others, they get a high rate of return for the effort. Volunteering

Express yourself. Don’t hold back. The more you express yourself, the better you’ll feel – physically and mentally. Express

See the world. As explorers and adventurers, Boomers love to travel. We’re finding that the industry is starting to pay attention to our wants and needs. Travel

News you can use

Hug the grandchildren. Study shows close ties between grandparents and grandchildren reduce depressive symptoms in both groups. Grandchildren

Skin deep. Eat your way to healthy skin with these 12 super foods. Healthy skin

Stay healthy. Here are seven healthy habits that can help you stay healthy as you age. 7 habits.

Trust your gut. New research says the gut may be your very own fountain of youth. Gut.

Vitamin D. There's good news and bad news about the sunshine vitamin. It does help bones, but not other things. Vitamin D.

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Singer/songwriter Emmylou Harris turns 72 on April 2

Comedian/actor Alec Baldwin turns 61 on April 3

Comedian Eddie Murphy turns 58 on April 3

Actor Russell Crowe turns 55 on April 7.

Singer/songwriter Janis Ian turns 68 on April 7.

TV host David Letterman turns 72 on April 12.

Actress Emma Thompson turns 60 on April 15.

TV host Conan O’Brien turns 56 on April 18.

TV host Jay Leno turns 69 on April 28

Musician Chuck Leavell turns 67 on April 28.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer turns 61 on April 29.

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