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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #005 -- Spring
March 01, 2019

Spring is here - invigorate

The days are getting longer, flora and fauna are peeking out despite the unpredictable weather we've been experiencing.

Green, yellow, purple and other brilliant colors are returning to nature's palette to replace those dull, drab browns.

The great outdoors is calling - "Come out and play!"

This is an opportune time to revisit those resolutions made a few months ago that are likely forgotten and gathering dust by now. With this renewed burst of energy and new skip in our step, now is the perfect time to recommit to those projects we want to accomplish this year.

Let's jump upwards and forwards, start moving again and actually spring into action!

Tips from

One of the best things about spring is you can open the windows and doors and sweep out the stale winter. Cleaning

Beyond filling up our database, personal growth is more about finding our own strengths and weaknesses and discovering ways to fill in the gaps in our development. Growth.

When it comes to fitness, it's a good idea to keep track of what you're doing, what works and what doesn't. Trackers can help with that task. Tracking.

News Baby Boomers can use

Study shows that participating in the arts helps with healthy aging. Arts.

Here's some advice on how seniors can find the will to adopt better habits. 10 Steps.

Are you eating enough fish, eggs, berries and cruciferous veggies? Healthy diet.

Interacting with lots of different people may help you live longer and healthier, a new study suggests. Being social.

Eat more protein. Study says we're not getting enough these days. Protein.

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Actor/filmmaker Ron Howard turns 65 on March 1

Actress/singer Liza Minnelli turns 73 on March 12

Singer/songwriter James Taylor turns 71 on March 12

Actress Glenn Close turns 72 on March 19

Actor Bruce Willis turns 64 on March 19

Actor William Hurt turns 69 on March 20

Singer/songwriter Steven Tyler turns 71 on March 26

Singer/songwriter Reba McEntire turns 64 on March 28

Former Vice President Al Gore turns 71 on March 31

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