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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #007-- Mothers Day
May 01, 2019

Remember Mothers Day

Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 12, this year. It's a perfect time to honor not only your own mothers, but all the moms you know.

Motherhood is special and it's scary. Any mom who says she knew exactly what she was doing at every step is a true oddity.

It takes a lot to be a mother, and they never receive enough accolades or praises. Let's heap it on this year. Let them know how much they're appreciated!

We certainly wouldn't be here without them.

If you're stuck figuring out the perfect gift for the moms you know, try the book "The Nathaniel Chronicles." Written by a leading edge Baby Boomer about raising her son, it's funny and poignant.

Most of the experiences are universal and will be recognized by mothers of all ages.

Ideas to explore

Need a guide for graceful aging? New book by Mary Pipher, "Women Rowing North: Navigating Life's Currents and Flourishing as We Age," is just that. Phoebe Lydia Bailey, Ph.D., shares her take on the book. Women

Don't forget to hydrate. As the days keep heating up, it's critical to your well-being to keep hydrated. Our health and vitality depend on our water intake. Hydrate

How's your social life?. Like it or not, we need to be connected to others to have a life of gusto. Isolation doesn't work. Social

News you can use

Childcare changes. Enjoy babysitting opportunities with grandchildren, but notice rules may be different for this generation. New rules

Creatively approach stress. Art therapy sessions help Boomers relax, ease stressful situations. Creative solutions

Back in the groove. Older people feel more youthful when have control over their lives. In control

Extra pounds matter. Study shows obesity is a hazard to your health. Obesity hazard

Dance to your health. More useful tips for a long and healthy life. Healthy living

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Singer Randy Travis turns 60 on May 4

Actor George Clooney turns 58 on May 6

Actress Candice Bergen turns 73 on May 9

Singer/songwriter Billy Joel turns 70 on May 9

Musician Bono (Paul David Hewson) turns 59 on May 10

Singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder (Stevland Hardaway Morris) turns 69 on May 13

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard turns 63 on May 17

Singer/actress Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian) turns 73 on May 20

Singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash turns 64 on May 24

Singer Stevie Nicks turns 71 on May 26

Musician Melissa Etheridge turns 58 on May 29

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