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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #015 - New decade
January 02, 2020

A New Year - A New Decade

How exciting can it get?! Not only are we starting a new year of possibilities, we're starting a new decade.

The roaring 20s are upon us - a fantastic time to set our perfect 2020 vision on living a great life with gusto. Don't let the golden moment get away from you.

What delicious adventures and mischief can you get into in the 2020s? There is no limit. Let your imagination run with the endless opportunities ahead.

Make a list of all you can do to be healthy, fit, happy, prosperous and make a difference for others.

Never give up on your dreams and always remember - anything is possible!

Ideas to explore

Not the same. Despite the many similarities of Baby Boomers, there are also a lot of differences. Straight Arrows are the most traditional sub-group. Where do you fit?

Looking good. Baby Boomer women have opened up pathways and knocked down gender barriers across the board. But we still want to have fun and look good. Hear us roar.

Beauty of Medicare. If you haven’t yet discovered the Silver Sneakers program, you’re in for a treat. It’s designed to keep us healthy and fit. Check it out.

News of interest

Did you know? Women tip more often than men; Baby Boomers are the best tippers of any other generation. And some dare to call us selfish. Pat on the back, please.

Let the games begin. It’s a fact: The more games people play, particularly board games and cards, the better their memory and thinking skills are. Keep your wits.

What’s it all about? A recent study found that people who have figured out meaning in their lives seem to fare better in health, wellness and possibly longevity. The search is on.

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Actor Mel Gibson turns 64 on Jan. 3.

Actress Diane Keaton turns 74 on Jan. 5.

Journalist Katie Couric turns 63 on Jan. 7.

Actor Nicolas Cage turns 56 on Jan. 7.

Actor J.K. Simmons turns 65 on Jan. 9.

Singer/songwriter Pat Benatar turns 67 on Jan. 10.

Singer/songwriter Naomi Judd turns 74 on Jan. 11.

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh turns 69 on Jan. 12.

Journalist Christiane Amanpour turns 62 on Jan. 12.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama turns 56 on Jan. 17.

Actor Jim Carrey turns 58 on Jan. 17.

Comedian Steve Harvey turns 63 on Jan. 17.

Actor Kevin Costner turns 65 on Jan. 18.

Singer/songwriter Dolly Parton turns 74 on Jan. 19.

Filmmaker David Lynch turns 74 on Jan. 20.

Actor Lorenzo Lamas turns 62 on Jan. 20.

Actress Geena Davis turns 64 on Jan. 21.

Actress Linda Blair turns 61 on Jan. 22.

Actress Mariska Hargitay turns 56 on Jan. 23.

Media executive Oprah Winfrey turns 66 on Jan. 29.

Drummer Phil Collins turns 69 on Jan. 30.

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