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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #010 - Keeping Your Cool
August 01, 2019

Keeping Your Cool

We have a lot of reasons for getting hot these days.

It could be the weather for sure. We're entering the dog days of summer even though most of the country has already suffered with sweltering heat waves. Could it really get worse?

When it's too hot to move, staying cool becomes a challenge. That's when we need to keep the ice water close and ratchet up the air conditioning. We talked about ways to stay cool in the June issue of this newsletter if you'd like a refresher.

Mainly, use common sense. Don't do outside activities like walking or gardening in the middle of the day. Do these in the early mornings or early evenings when it's cooler.

Use your oscillating fans generously to help circulate the air around your space and give the air conditioning system some assistance. And don't be afraid to tip your toes in some cool water.

But when the heat comes from elsewhere such as anger and disgust at the injustices around you, or at the political nastiness that dominates the news, we have to turn to other resources.

We need to stay calm, cool and collected in these instances. We don't think clearly when we're angry and we lose our power when we explode and yell back.

If you just have to rant and rave, do it on paper or to a trusted friend who will not judge you. Then choose your battles and fight them well with all your might.

Do the necessary homework, get the facts straight and take appropriate action to set things right. Do it with compassion, conviction, fairness and sanity.

Just stay cool as you go!

Ideas to explore

Getting fit When it comes to fitness, Boomers have a myriad of choices on how to do this. And have some fun in the process. Fitness matters

Keep the faith. Boomers find spirituality in all kinds of places. Studies have found that believing in something is good for your health. In the spirit

Eat your fiber. Nutritionists agree that high-fiber foods are a much needed component of your regular diet. Digestive aid

News you can use

Be kind. Apparently the kinder you are, the healthier you are. Certainly worth a try. Kindness

Don't ignore the mouth. Some people stop going to the dentist as they get older. That's a terrible idea - your health suffers from such neglect. Dental hygiene

Check your attitude. If you have a positive attitude, you will likely find you're healthier than people around you with a sour attitude. Mind-set shift

Tell me a story. When the future starts running out, narrating the past helps to prepare and find peace of mind. A new spin

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Actress Mary Louise Parker turns 55 on Aug. 2

President Barack Obama turns 58 on Aug. 4

Actor Billy Bob Thornton turns 64 on Aug. 4

Actress Loni Anderson turns 74 on Aug. 5

Actress Melanie Griffith turns 62 on Aug. 9

Actor Sam Elliott turns 75 on Aug. 9

Actor Antonio Banderas turns 59 on Aug. 10

Wrestler Hulk Hogan turns 66 on Aug. 11

Actor/comedian Steve Martin turns 74 on Aug. 14

Actress Marcia Gay Harden turns 60 on Aug. 14

Actor Steve Carell turns 57 on Aug. 16

Actress Angela Bassett turns 61 on Aug. 16

Singer/songwriter Madonna Louise Ciccone turns 61 on Aug. 16

Actor Timothy Hutton turns 59 on Aug. 16

Actor Sean Penn turns 59 on Aug. 17

President Bill Clinton (William Jefferson Blythe) turns 73 on Aug. 19

Actor Adam Arkin turns 63 on Aug. 19

Journalist Connie Chung turns 73 on Aug. 20

Musician Elvis Costello turns 65 on Aug. 25

Actor Richard Gere turns 70 on Aug. 31

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