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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #011 - Healthy Aging
September 01, 2019

September is Healthy Aging Month

Ahh - September.

Time to say goodbye to summer. Hello to fall, back-to-school activities, college football and - hopefully - cooler weather.

September also marks the beginning of the last third of the year. Can you believe 2/3 of this year has already passed us by?

How about those goals you set for 2019? Are you there, yet? Or do you need to make some adjustments?

One of the most important things about September is it's Healthy Aging Month - a great time to evaluate and upgrade our health.

Are you eating right? Getting enough exercise? Managing your stress? Being kind to others?

Are you practicing generosity? Gratitude?

Have you had your regular medical check-ups?

Are you being productive? Completing your projects? Keeping your environments clean and uncluttered?

Do you nurture your friends and family members? Have you expressed your love and appreciation lately?

The especially critical question: Are you having fun and enjoying yourselves?

If no to any of these questions, start today! A lot can happen in the next 30 days.

Ideas to explore

Water is your friend. You can do more strenuous exercises in the water than on land and not even feel it. Try it! Water aerobics

Back to school. Education is not just for young people and kids. As mature adults, the more we use our minds, the better off we are. Learning

Making a difference. Being of service is all about contributing to others in whatever way we can. Service

News you can use

Optimism pays. Studies show that people who are optimistic live longer and are healthier than those who aren’t. Longevity

New tricks. Apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks and save brains in the process. Old dogs

Stimulating. Apparently, a tickle a day – in the right place – may just keep the doctor away. Exciting! That tickles!

Mushrooms anyone? Mushrooms seem to have a lot of health benefits and we should be eating more and more. Nutritional star

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Singer Gloria Estefan turns 62 on Sept. 1

Actor Keanu Reeves turns 55 on Sept. 2

Actor Mark Harmon turns 68 on Sept. 2

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy turns 61 on Sept. 6

Actress Jane Curtin turns 72 on Sept. 6

Journalist Bill O’Reilly turns 70 on Sept. 10

Actor Colin Firth turns 59 on Sept. 10

Filmmaker Oliver Stone turns 73 on Sept. 15

Actor Tommy Lee Jones turns 73 on Sept. 15

Actor Mickey Rourke turns 67 on Sept. 16

Magician David Copperfield (David Seth Kotkin) turns 63 on Sept. 16

Actor Paul Feig turns 57 on Sept. 17

Actor Jeremy Irons turns 71 on Sept. 19

Author Stephen King turns 72 on Sept. 21

Actor Bill Murray turns 69 on Sept. 21

Film director Ethan Coen turns 62 on Sept. 21

Singer Joan Jett turns 61 on Sept. 21

Actor Scott Baio turns 59 on Sept. 22

Singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen turns 70 on Sept. 23

Actor Mark Hamill turns 68 on Sept. 25

Actress Heather Locklear turns 58 on Sept. 25

Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs turns 72 on Sept. 25

Actress Linda Hamilton turns 63 on Sept. 26

Singer/songwriter Olivia Newton-John turns 71 on Sept. 26

Singer Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) turns 72 on Sept. 27

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