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Blooming Boomers' Beacon, Issue #009 - Celebrating freedom
July 01, 2019

Celebrating freedom

Freedom means different things to people.

To Kris Kristofferson, it was defying family expectations when he left the military to pursue songwriting - despite getting disowned as a result. He also wrote in "Me and Bobby McGee" that freedom was "just another word for nothing left to lose."

For Marlo Thomas, it was being able to be anything you want to be and doing whatever you want to do without the restraints of gender stereotypes. Remember the "Free to Be You and Me" movement in the 1970s?

For our country, it was independence from autocracy and the right to control our own destiny.

For most of us, freedom means being able to choose how we worship, how we spend our time, how we conduct ourselves, who we hang out with, what we say, where we go and how long we stay there.

Take stock of your individual and collective freedoms. Also pay attention to how best to preserve and protect those freedoms we so enjoy and often take for granted.

Celebrate freedom. Express yourselves and be heard this month!

Ideas to explore

I can do it myself! What does it take to maintain your own independence in this aging adventure? In control

Pass the bottle. Despite the conflicting reports, most experts still believe a little bit of wine is good for you. Wine benefits

Second chances. Hanging out with our grandchildren is less stressful for many of us than our own children. Stress less

News you can use

Get more sleep. If you're losing your keys and forgetting important appointments, it could be sleep-related. Sleep

Popeye was right. Vitamin K keeps us mobile and able-bodied. Great excuse to eat more spinach. Spinach

Hold on. Some are jumping in to take what's touted as an anti-aging pill. But it may not be so. Think twice

Another celebration. Psychologists say the best way to age is to celebrate the process rather than resist. Wiser

Dig in. Gardening is good for your health and improves the quality of life. Gardening

Celebrity Boomers milestones

Actor Tom Hanks turns 63 on July 9

Actor Tom Cruise turns 57 on July 3

President George W. Bush turns 73 on July 6

Actor Sylvester Stallone turns 73 on July 6

Actress Sela Ward turns 63 on July 11

Singer Linda Ronstadt turns 73 on July 15

Actor Danny Glover turns 73 on July 22

Musician Don Henley turns 72 on July 22

Figure Skater Dorothy Hamill turns 63 on July 26

Actress Sandra Bullock turns 55 on July 26

Actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 72 on July 30

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