Being complete frees up personal bandwidth

Often when we hear talk about being complete, we think about being finished with something. Or we may think a project or even relationship has reached the end. It’s over, done.

That’s not necessarily what everyone means.

Leaving a pile of papers around is not being complete and becomes a distraction.Stacks of unorganized papers create distractions and get in the way of our productivity.

Jack Canfield, cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul enterprise, calls being complete clearing up your messes to make room for something better. He includes forgiving and letting go of grievances toward others part of the process.

He encourages people to identify any situations that keep them from moving forward in life. Once identified, do whatever it takes to get closure and move on.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has its own version of being complete. Feng Shui is the philosophy of arranging your environment to improve the quality of your life, having all the parts in harmony with each other.

Papers, projects or any household items that are out of place and not in order block the flow of energy. They cause chaos and interrupt creative energies. Such blockages zap our vitality and impact our health.

When you’ve had a hurtful verbal exchange with a loved one or even someone you do business with and it’s left hanging, you feel scattered, unhappy and distracted. The longer this remains unresolved, the worse it gets.

This is an example of not being complete. There’s a conversation that needs to be had to get complete so that you are free to move on to what’s next.

Until that conversation happens, both you and the other party are left with bad feelings about each other and generally unable to think of much else.

You worry about it. You lose sleep over it. You stress out over it. None of these responses are conducive to a life of gusto.

Other examples of not being complete

  • You start an online course but haven't finished it and keep getting reminders about your lack of progress.
  • You borrow money from a friend and despite promises to pay by a certain time, you haven’t done so
  • Every time you open your closet door, that skirt you bought 18 months ago and never wore catches your eye.
  • The first thing you see when you arrive home every day is a cluttered, dirty garage. Your intentions of getting it organized resurface but you don’t take any action.
  • Your automobile is past due for basic maintenance such as an oil change and tire rotation. It’s on your list to handle but doesn’t get done.
  • Piles of tax records and other paperwork need to be sorted and filed or discarded. 
  • A stack of empty photo albums sits in a closet and the photos (mostly unidentified and undated) remain in drawers and boxes around the house.
  • Bathroom cabinets are packed with outdated medicines that you have no idea what they were for in the first place.
  • Your sister just had a milestone birthday and you’ve yet to acknowledge it.
  • You haven’t been able to wear your favorite jeans in months because a button is missing. You have everything you need to fix it but just haven’t bothered.
  • A cherished figurine has been broken. The parts are all in a drawer where they have been for years waiting to be repaired.
  • You’re still mad at your college roommate for dating a boy you were interested in dating. The relationship has been tense ever since even though the guy has long been out of the picture.

What can you do?

Get a notepad and make a list of all the items in your life that are incomplete. Start with your car, then go room by room, drawer by drawer, closet by closet. And don’t forget the attic or basement.

Then look at your relationships, the close ones and the distant ones. Anything left unsaid? Any promises not kept? Anything to acknowledge?

Next to each item, write what you’re going to do about the issue and a date by when you’ll do it.

Reclaim your energy, your gusto and your sanity by being complete in every aspect of life.

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