About Jane Self, the Boomer behind Baby Boomers Bloom

Jane Self

I'm Jane Self, a leading-edge Boomer, born early in April 1946. 

Baby Boomers Bloom is the continuation of an exploration that began early in my life. With maturity (as in getting wiser rather than older), that exploration has morphed into a different kind of quest than it started out.

What used to be a search for meaning of life has lost a bit of its urgency. Now, it’s more searching for how I can live the best life possible – physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

It’s an exploration of what kind of legacy I want to leave for my family as well as humanity. It’s getting in touch with what really matters and what I can do to make a difference here and now, how I can contribute and serve others (the easiest way for finding satisfaction and fulfillment in any given moment, by the way).

And have loads of fun along the way. Suffering is NOT an option.


Family of Baby Boomers in the 50s

The South is my home and always has been.

The second child of four, I grew up with a schoolteacher mom and superintendent dad in small-town Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Frisco City, Greenville, Phenix City).

In the photo, I'm the middle girl with the goofy grin on her face - something tickled my fancy that day.

After two thwarted, short-lived careers, I finally found a home in the features department of a newspaper in Georgia.

I stayed in journalism for the next 20 years, loving the work.

I retired in late 2007 from a newspaper in Alabama and started freelance writing.

When my precious grandson Eli was born in January 2012, I moved to Athens, Georgia, to help take care of the baby while Mom and Dad worked. Granddaughter Chloe came along in April 2015. 

When not on nanny duty, I continue to explore how to live with gusto, how to keep growing and flourishing regardless of age or circumstances.

This site is meant to share those findings with you Boomers and other elders interested in this journey.

For more information on me, visit my author website.