Calling Baby Boomers wanting fun, health and vitality

Boomer friends sharing a funny moment

If you're a Boomer - born between 1946 and 1964 - looking to get the most out of life, welcome to Baby Boomers Bloom.

This site is for you, particularly if you still love having fun.

Even if you don't fit neatly within the Boomer parameters, like those war babies born from 1943 to 1945, you will likely feel at home here.

This is where we explore what it takes to enjoy a life of gusto, a life of great health and vitality. 

It's certainly a conversation worth having, right?

What you'll find on this site

Who are Baby Boomers - Exactly who are we talking about when we discuss Baby Boomers? What defines us? What holds us together as a generation? How are we different?

Baby Boomers dancing

Healthy aging - What does healthy aging mean and how do we do it?  What do we need to actually flourish as opposed to wither on the vine?

What kind of food do we need to be feeding our bodies? Our brains? Our souls?

We know we need to move more. What else could or should we be doing?

Lifestyle - From our days of hippies and counterculture that many of us dabbled with in our youth, most of us are settled into more responsible adulthood. But we still have adventurous lifestyles.

We love to travel and always on the search for great deals.

Rejoining the single life again whether it's from the loss of a spouse or newly divorced, many of us are jumping back into the world of courting.

We're grandparents fully enjoying our grandchildren. We're volunteers serving our communities. 

We're looking around us to see where we best fit and where we can make the biggest difference.