Calling all Baby Boomers who want health and vitality!

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If you're a Boomer - born between 1946 and 1964 - looking to get the most out of life, welcome to Baby Boomers Bloom. This site is for you, particularly if you're on the leading edge (Boomers born from 1946-1955).

Even if you don't fit neatly within the Boomer parameters but you're on the cusp of the generation, like those war babies born from 1943 to 1945, you've probably identified with Boomers most of your life and will likely feel at home here.

This is your one-stop kiosk for exploring what it takes to enjoy a life of gusto, a life of great health and vitality. And we're in this together. If there's some other area you'd like to explore, let us know. With your help, we'll figure it out.

We'd love to hear from all you Baby Boomers who want to play and have a joyous, exciting and fulfilling life. What does it take for that to happen and what are you doing about it right now?

It's certainly a conversation worth having, right?

Please, just jump right in. Your contributions make a huge difference.

What you'll find for starters

Who are Baby Boomers - Exactly who are we talking about when we discuss Baby Boomers? What defines us? What are our collective memories? What holds us together as a generation? How are we different?

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Healthy aging - What does healthy aging mean and how do we do it?  What do we need to actually flourish as opposed to wither on the vine?

Personal growth - We're learning new skills, information, ideas, hobbies. We're expanding our knowledge base as well as our capacities to make a difference in the lives of others. And we're committed to a lifetime of that.

Boomer women - We are the majority of the Boomers at every stage and we have our own special issues to consider.  We've come through the women's rights movement scathed or unscathed - at least we're here and have learned a lot in the process.

Baby Boomer retirement - What does retirement look like and is it something we'll ever be able to do or want to do for that matter? It certainly doesn't have to look the same for everyone.

Travel opportunities - Marketers are smart. They recognize the huge demand newly retired (or not) Boomers are making on the travel industry and looking to tap into that market at every step. Together, we'll find those deals that serve us best while still quenching our thirst for fun and adventure.

Media - A plethora of books by and about Boomers, including memoirs are out there. Thousands of articles have been or are being written all the time about Boomers. And hundreds of websites exist with some variation on the theme. There are also numerous movies with which we can resonate. Let's check it all out!

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Lifestyle - From our days of hippies and counterculture that many of us dabbled with in our youth, most of us are settled into more responsible adulthood. But we still have adventurous lifestyles. We're dealing with becoming widows or widowers, the newly divorced jumping back into the world of courting. And we're grandparents fully enjoying our grandchildren, serving our communities as volunteers. 

Caregiving - Many of us have aging parents or other relatives that need our care and attention. Whether we take it on ourselves or find the best place to handle it, it's something many of us have to face.

Boomers' voices - Personal interviews as well as ideas and solutions you've discovered in your journey to a life of gusto. While this is a separate category, there are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute in any of the other categories